Friday, September 19, 2008

Memory Lane with AnneMarie, Jewely & Commissioner Miner

I had Scott get our "harvest" boxes out of the attic so I can have all of the Halloween and Thanksgiving items on hand to fill orders for Pineapple Hill.

We were setting things out and separating our family decorations from the store ones and came across this adorable little box. AnneMarie gave it to us 23 years ago! I was 19 at the time and I believe she was about 2 (right AnneMarie). She was our "mostest favoritest" babysitter in the world! One Halloween she gave us this little gift she made filled with candy. We loved it and still do. We have been putting it out every year since!
Each side with her cute artwork:

Even Signed and Dated:
As we continued to unpack we found Jewely's neckerchief. Jewely was the best dog in the whole world and she loved her special scarves!
Here is Miss Jewely - so sweet XO

Here is Jewely visiting Hope's kindergarten class on Valentine's Day. She's about to give that little girl a yummy kiss! She had a neckerchief for every holiday and was always sure to wear them on special outings. She was a very classy dog. We miss you girl!

And last but not least......

We found the cutest ever pumpkins that Mack (aka Commissioner Miner) made when he was a tiny little guy. They touch my heart so every time I see them!

I have noted them ... just in case........

So fun for me, hopefully not too boring for ya'll! P.S. Happy Fall!

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Annemarie said...

Ahhhh!! I can't believe you still have that! Pretty good artwork for a 2 year old ;)!!
Thank really means alot, and I mean that! Those years are really some of my fondest with you guys!

Marci said...

I miss seeing Jewely in her neckerchiefs too :-)!

Kayley said...

Jewely was so cute:( Mack's pumpkins made me laugh!