Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here Comes Ike

Tracking Ike
Who gets to name these storms anyway???

Today went by soooo fast. Mark and I headed for Sam's Club as soon as Hope went off to school this morning. We were there by 7:45 and by the number of shoppers, you'd of thought it was 1:00 in the afternoon! We got batteries for our flashlights, water and lots of junk food!
It's kind of a tradition now to have a little party while in the midst of a natural disaster. It started back in March of '93. We were living in Baldwinsville NewYork and I got to fly home to California (all by myself, such a treat) to surprise my mom for her birthday. Well while I was in sunny SanDiego, the blizzard of the century hit NewYork. It was "lake effect" snow to the upteen degree! My trip was prolonged because of the weather. When I called home to talk to the kids , I thought they'd be upset by the blizzard. Not at all! They were having the time of their lives with dad. They proceeded to tell me, while everyone else was stocking up on essentials he bought out the Oreos, Doritos and Twinkies! They watched movies and ate junk until I got home to gently bring them back to reality.
Mark spent most of the today bringing anything that could possibly fly away- into the garage or house. I didn't realize we had so many things out in the yard. There was the rod iron bench, several potted plants, chairs, garden flag, pool floaties, and garden statues. I promise our yard doesn't look like PeeWee Herman's! I spent most of the day on the phone checking in with the RS sisters to make sure everyone has everything they need before Ike comes to town. School is canceled for tomorrow as well as all extracurricular activities including Taylor HS Homecoming. which is kind of sad.
I'm just totally enjoying ELECTRICITY while we have it!


Annemarie said...

Ahhhhh! I was wondering how this would affect you guys. Sounds like a party!!
Stay safe & well fed!

Diane said...

Why don't you all evacuate to San Antonio? You'll be save and we'll have one heck of a party!

Marci said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours so far...especially the Pee Wee mention :-)! And I definitely remember braving the blizzard with our stomach's full of junk food!

Pineapple Hill said...'re the best! Seriously, Marci mentioned that you offered your place to all of us as a refuge. We are so blessed to have you as "family". Lucky US!