Saturday, January 24, 2009

Am I Limber One?

Last night Scotto had a camp-out so Hope decided to have her friend, Sierra spend the night. She is so sweet. They did Show Choir together during the summer and really clicked. Now they're in another little singing group. Here's a couple of clips from one of their Holiday performances that Marci (of cource, THANKS Marc) took for us. I just realized I never posted about them at Christmas. oops

Jingle Bells
(This one is cute because you can hear little Ella sing "Hey".)

Angels We Have Heard on High
Last night Hope thought it would be fun to do Sierra's nails. They turned out really cute. She painted them and then embellished them with tiny painted instruments.
It reminded me of a story from a few years ago when Hope was about 5. We were living in Florida at the time and she came with me to take Kayley to the dentist one afternoon. Kayley has always been SO creative and her nails were always painted to look absolutely adorable.
This particular day it was her toes. (Kayley always wore flip flops.) That day there were little murals of the beach on them. It was amazing ... the detail she painted on her own toes. There were palm trees, birds, a sun... etc. The dentist happened to notice them and couldn't get over the fact that she had painted them herself. He said, "Boy, you are so artistically talented... and LIMBER too!" Hope thought that must be a huge compliment and excitedly asked the dentist, "Am I LIMBER One?". It was pretty funny. The dentist was cracking up and never forgot it. Neither have we!
Here are the pictures of the girls last night:

Smile for The Camera (don't be too excited though....)


sewpink said...

That was wonderful to hear their group singing. Hope has a lovely voice! The nails turned out cute. LOVE that story!

Heather said...

Hope is so cute - My oldest would love her to paint her nails! They look so good!

wendy said...

I miss my daughters sleep overs when she was a teenager. Oh the stories........neat job on the nails!!!!!!!!!!!

stacey said...

Wow. Those nails are so fun. I've never done anything like that. I love Hope's voice too.

monstermash said...

I always loved sleep-overs! It looks like they had a fun time. Great job on the nails!

Marci said...

Those are amazing Hoper! And I loved the caption under the last matched my thoughts exactly :-)!

dreamit said...

That is the cutest story. Love your blog!

Annemarie said...

You have very talented girls!

Kayley said...

wow Hope did an awesome job! The nails look great- tell her I'm QUITE impressed :)