Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thank You Thursday

Happy New Year. It's here...again! I'm really a little "freaked" out about how time is just flying these days. Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 29...again! We went out for Mexican Food with the fam and had lots of fun. The Scotts had been paint balling all day and still had their camouflage on. I was just happy they made it in time. Addie had been sitting on my lap when the the waiters showed up with a big black sombrero singing. She was leery at first and definitely not pleased as it continued.

Mom's Mexican Bday Song from Marci Freeman on Vimeo.
Afterward, she wouldn't even let me hold her. Grammie enjoyed that though.
Today I went over to Marci's house and thank goodness I was in Addie's good graces again. Thank you to my sweet family for celebrating with me. Happy Wishes for a Happy New Year!


Annemarie said...

Happy {late} Birthday!! Isn't 29 the BEST!! Enjoy!

monstermash said...

Happy Birthday:) That video is hilarious! You're such a good sport.

stacey said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year. That little Addie is so cute!

sewpink said...

Looks like so much fun. I have to say that video is really entertaining.

Christina Bambina said...

Happy Birthday! I still remember 29... that was just a few months ago... 30's are great! ;) We just got back from our trip to Prague, I'm putting together a post to share with all of you!


PS: Mexican food is THE BEST! YUM!