Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Never Ending Story

I try desperately to stay on top of the on going "laundry saga". There are two things that just drive me crazy....
-I too often start a load of laundry and forget about it. I had to list that as one of my 3 bad habits on a tag ... so sad.
-my other laundry ta bu is having laundry baskets full of clean clothes sitting around waiting to be folded ... getting all wrinkly ... even more sad.

The wonderful rods Mr. Mark installed have helped tremendously!

Picture from House to Home
Anyway, I'm always looking for ways to improve my "Never Ending Story" situation. Here are some great Laundry Tips from Martha Stewart Living.

Separate and Pre-soak Laundry:
Follow the washing instructions that appear on the label of each garment. Separate laundry into batches, such as dark fabrics, shirts, towels, underwear, and rags.

Launder clothing in the shape in which they are to be worn:
Zipped, velcroed, and buttoned up, with pockets emptied and cuffs unrolled. Always pre-soak heavily soiled items and dinner napkins in an enzyme detergent either in the washer or in a basin; wash the following day. First, launder your batch of white fabrics. Wash white towels on the hottest setting with no bleach.

There is a wide variety of laundry detergents from which to choose. Powdered detergents work best for hard water and for removing mud and clay. Liquid detergents are good for taking out grease, oily dirt, and stains, and work very well as a pretreatment. A good tip to follow is to buy laundry detergent in bulk and pour it into smaller bottles or airtight containers. Also, always wear household gloves and old clothes when you hand-wash items in bleach.

Color-fast Test:
Martha suggests always checking for colorfastness on dark clothing before washing. To do a colorfast test, dampen fabric in a discreet spot and blot with a white cloth to see if any color appears. If color does appear, wash the item separately until it becomes colorfast.
Removing Oil Stains:
Use cornstarch to help absorb oil stains. Sprinkle the stain with cornstarch, wait 10 to 15 minutes and scrape off.

Easier Ironing and Drying:
For easier ironing, remove items from dryer while still damp. This will help prevent wrinkles from setting in. Clean the lint drawer before drying each load of laundry.

Washing Pillows:
Most pillows should be washed every 3 to 6 months. Check tags to make sure the pillows are not "dry clean only" Wash them in the gentle cycle with warm water and mild detergent. Be sure to check the tag to see if you can dry the pillows in the dryer. When drying pillows, add tennis balls in a sock to the dryer, which will help break up clumps of filling. This tip also works well for down jackets and comforters.

I hope some of this information will be helpful to you. I learned something new and that's always good...or as Martha would say a"good thing".
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dreamit said...

I can defnitely relate to the Never Ending Story. Great information there!

monstermash said...

Great ideas. Thanks for the info!

stacey said...

I love this post. My laundry is definitely the Never Ending Story!
Great tips:)

sewpink said...

Thanks for all of the fabulous information. I suppose now I need to put it to good use!

Diane said...

I don't mind washing it, I dislike folding it. That's what children are for, I'm pretty sure. I also recently discovered Oxi-Clean (I know, I probably am the last to find out about it) and it gets out everything that Spray n Wash doesn't, I love it!